the gaming lifestyle

I followed Chgowitz’s advice on his excellent blog post yesterday and went hunting for articles for local gaming here in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, the emphasis seems to be largely on console and computer gaming. No SF RPG Examiner… (Hm, do I sense an opportunity?)

Well, what struck me silly was the presence of a “SF Gaming Lifestyle Examiner.” What the heck is the gaming “lifestyle”? Wake up, go to work, come home, game — right? Or better yet, cut out the work part and just game 24-7?

As much as I love RPGs, board games, and the newest addition to our family, I don’t really feel hard-core enough to properly represent the “gaming lifestyle,” even on my days off. Here’s a snapshot from yesterday:

8:00 – Get up. Coffee, devotions.

9:00 – Read the morning’s email, blogroll (including several RPG blogs), news (SF Examiner). Chat with mom and nephew on the phone. Think about Traveller sandbox a bit.

10:30 – Shower, breakfast, get ready to go out.

11:30 – Run errands.

12:00 – Sheet music cataloging at school: Busoni, de Bellis, Vivaldi string concerti. Think about Traveller sandbox some more.

14:45 – Back at the house. Snack time. Check in at Original D&D Discussion, post to “traveller community” thread.

15:30 – Do chores around the house.

16:30 – Wii Sports.

17:00 – Go pick up wife from work. Jot Traveller sandbox notes on back of grocery list while I wait.

17:45 – More errands with wife. Talk about Traveller sandbox.

19:00 – Back at home: dinner, hang out with wife (Wii, tv)

22:30 – Bedtime. Prep for next morning’s Bible study meeting, read a chapter or so in Ports of Call before turning out the light.

Quite the “gaming lifestyle,” isn’t it? Most days, I find myself spending more time reading, writing, and thinking about games than actually gaming or prepping for games. I imagine that’s probably how it is for a lot of people…


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