subsector sandbox, part 1: the Prophet Pentad

At the rimward edge of my Traveller sandbox is the Prophet Pentad. These five worlds — named for the Early Terran prophets Jeremiah, Habakkuk, Malachi, Nahum, and Zephaniah – were originally colonized by the Schulzi religious community during the late period of the Third Imperium. The worlds are ruled by an ecclesiarchy known as the Grand Synod. The individual planets are governed by a mixture of church officials and aristocratic landowners.

The Pentad managed to avoid the majority of the conflict during the Virus War, but in recent years have experienced a mounting tide of blood. A splinter group led by dissident priests professing a variant doctrine temporarily seized control of the comm satellites on Zephaniah and Malachi and broadcast their “Enori Manifesto” on all wavelengths, setting off a chain reaction which ultimately led to the bloody stalemate between rival religious factions on those two planets and disrupted the socioeconomic status quo in the Pentad. The Synod is concerned that violence will increase on the other worlds, and have expanded the size and increased operations of both the Schulzian Church’s (mercenary) military forces and secret police. Similarly, the Enorians have increased their spending on military and intelligence operations.  To complicate matters further many opportunistic aristocrats have become involved in the conflict, in hopes of expanding their own power and wealth.


2 responses

  1. Neil Ford

    Cool stuff. Await further developments avidly.

    – Neil.

    05/15/2009 at 15:25

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