weekend gaming: decisions, decisions

So it looks like the wife and I will most likely be playing some kind of RPG this weekend with a couple in our C&C Wilderlands group and their visiting friend, who apparently “just started playing D&D.”

My wife has recently become enamored with Traveller due to my descriptive efforts (Firefly, Daley’s Han Solo Adventures, Alien movies, Dune, etc.) and the cool character creation process mini-game; with fresh character in hand, she’s lobbying for some sci-fi adventure. I’ll be running another Traveller game sometime soon for my other group, so I’m fine with this — I don’t have much experience refereeing Traveller so the more practice running the system, the better.

On the other hand… I’m really tempted to run White Box, not just because it’s easy for me to improvise stuff and get my S&W fix. Part of me wants to show the D&D-neophyte the “old-school way” before he is fully indoctrinated into the 3.x/4e mindset of “optimal” character builds, feat & skill systems, boardgamey combat, and so on…

I will contemplate these options and prepare for either eventuality.


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