fun with Appendix N

Zachary the First at RPG Blog II may have started a firestorm in the Grogosphere by asking the simple question, “What’s your Appendix N?”

I recall fondly my attempts to track down everything on Gary Gygax’s inspirational reading list a few years ago, and some lively Dragonsfoot discussions on the subject.

I’m pretty pulpy and traditional when it comes to my Appendix N list – not a lot of surprises.  I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of fantasy & sf novels over the years, but these are the ones that spring to mind when I think of D&D:

Alexander, Lloyd – Prydain Chronicles
Asprin, Robert, ed. – Thieves’ World series (first 4 or 5 books anyway)
Brackett, Leigh – The Book of Skaith; Outlaw of Mars; The Best of Leigh Brackett
Burroughs, Edgar Rice – “Barsoom” series
Cook, Glen – “Black Company” series
Erikson, Steven – Malazan Book of the Fallen
Farmer, Philip Jose – The Maker of Universes; Dark is the Sun
Gygax, Gary – Saga of Old City
Harrison, M. John – The Pastel City
Howard, Robert E. – “Conan” stories, “Kull” stories
Leiber, Fritz – “Fafhrd & Grey Mouser” stories
Lovecraft, H.P. – “Dreamlands” stories
Moorcock, Michael – Elric series; Hawkmoon series
Moore, C.L. – Jirel of Joiry; Earth’s Last Citadel
Roberson, Chris – Paragaea
Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Hobbit; Lord of the Rings; The Silmarillion
Tubb, E.C. – Dumarest of Terra series
Vance, Jack – Dying Earth series; Planet of Adventure series
various – Philip Jose Farmer’s The Dungeon

I’m sure others will come to mind once I’ve published this, but you get the idea…


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