gaming update

I never intended this blog to be particularly regular in its posting schedule, but I’ll still apologize to any faithful readers for my absence of late. I’ve had a lot going on, and haven’t had as much time to think (or read or write) about games as I’d certainly like. This isn’t to say that I haven’t done any…

Here’s what’s going on in gnombient’s game garden:

*we had a great session in Barrataria’s B/X World of Stronghold campaign last week. Our party is back in town after exploring a haunted mansion, and are now considering our next move.

*I’ll be running the next adventure for our group, which looks more and more like the Traveller adventure I hinted at last month.

*Apparently my schedule-challenged C&C Wilderlands group is still kicking, several members have expressed interest in having another session (it’s been 4 months since we last played). One of the players wants to run an adventure, so I’ll probably turn the reins over to him for a spell and get some playing time. Once I’m back at the helm, I’ll most likely start gently prodding our group towards White Box…

*In other White Box news, I haven’t heard anything from my favorite branch about running volunteer White Box games at the library. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on my library megadungeon project (which has deferred to other, more time-sensitive priorities).

Expect a mixed bag of postings here for a while, but don’t expect too much!


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