amazing film

The Taj Mahal Travellers On Tour is a fascinating video document of a remarkable group of improvising musicians.  Even though I can’t understand a word of Japanese, the music and visuals make for a worthwhile viewing experience.  I first learned of this group a few years back via Roger Sutherland’s excellent but sadly-out-of-print book New Perspectives in Music, but only recently found the “On Tour” film online.  Drones, unearthly sound effects, electronic treatments, primal “druidic” flourishes like shaking tree branches and clonking stones together, extended instrumental techniques — listening (or watching) these guys is like hearing music from another age, another world.  TMT’s music is definitely weird enough, ambient enough, and (at times) creepy enough to warrant inclusion in the Game Soundtrack, but for some reason I haven’t used it yet.  (Note to self…)


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