gamer on the go!

When I used to run AD&D 1st ed. games, I would regularly lug around a large bag full of books to sessions – at least 4 plus a large binder for characters, adventure notes, maps, etc.  I didn’t really mind, but man did that bag feel heavy after walking a few blocks!

Travel is much lighter running the library game – heck, just about any game I run these days.  Walking and public transportation are my principal methods of getting to the Mission Branch, so it makes  sense for me to minimize the load when commuting.  Fortunately, White Box (and formerly “White Binder” OD&D) makes it incredibly easy for me to pack a lot of gaming into a relatively small space; this would also apply to similarly compact single-volume or digest-sized old-school rulesets such as B/X, Holmes,  Labyrinth Lord, Basic Fantasy, OD&D, Classic Traveller, etc..  Here’s my standard “travel kit”:


Clockwise from center, we have: the slender 66-page Swords & Wizardry: White Box rulebook; a clear plastic folder containing uncut digest character sheets; the trusty dicebag; a nylon file folder containing maps, notes, houserule reference pages, and character sheets; my Deck of Stuff; a tin for character minis; and a zippered pouch for pencils, dry-erase markers, erasers, Deck of Stuff, etc.

The clear plastic folder can also serve as an impromptu dry-erase board – slip a blank white sheet or a room diagram in there, and draw away!  The clear plastic and White Box rulebook fit neatly and conveniently into the file folder, so when everything is packed up it looks like this:


When full, the file folder is maybe 1.5 inches thick.  I forgot to include my imitation-LBB Moleskine notebook in the “before” picture, but even after its inclusion the overall “gaming footprint” is quite small.  I can fit all this stuff in my bag and still have room for a bottle of water, some snacks, a paperback to read on the MUNI, and the two or three library books I should have returned last week…  😉


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