I’m approaching a Y-junction in the corridor…

I was recently offered a transfer of sorts at work.  Instead of subbing in the branches, I’d be at the Main Library.  There’s a smaller substitute pool at Main, so I have a good chance of getting more hours, plus I wouldn’t have to travel all over the city to work.  I’d have a chance to get some experience in Art & Music and Special Collections, library departments of particular interest to me.  All signs indicate that this move would be very good for my career.

On the flip side, all the relationships I’ve begun to cultivate at branches will be cut off.  I’ve been working the branches for 1.5 years, and just in the past few months I’ve felt like I’ve started to develop a rapport with some of my branch colleagues and patrons.  I’d be sad to see that go…

Followers of the Library Game, take heart!  A change in work location would not spell certain doom for the Library Game.  A transfer to Main might even provide an  opportunity to share my “games at the library” ideas and advocacy gospel with some heavy hitters.  I could still run White Box at my “gaming branch” on a volunteer basis, which is ok by me.   About the only down side to the whole thing is that I won’t be able to brag anymore about getting paid to run roleplaying games! 😉

So it seems I have a decision to make.  Prayers and good vibes are much appreciated!


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