managing the library game: quick-start equipment

Following up on another post, new PCs in the Library Game begin with the clothes on their backs and the following equipment:

  • One class-appropriate melee weapon (fighters choose a 1h weapon + shield or a 2h weapon)
  • light armor (fighters & rogues only)
  • 1 healing potion
  • a Basic Adventuring Pack and 1 Gear Supplement (see below)

Each character also begins with some specialized gear according to his or her class:

  • Fighters begin with a helmet and an additional melee or missile weapon of their choice
  • Rogues begin with a set of lockpicks and either 2 daggers or a sling
  • Wizards begin with a spellbook, writing utensils and 1 properly-prepared 1st-level alchemical mixture

Basic Adventuring Pack:  Backpack, 1 Large Sack, 1 Small Sack, Lantern or 6 Torches, 3 Flasks of Oil, Flint & Steel, Waterskin, Rations (1 week), 5 gold pieces

Gear Supplements (choose one)

  • 12 Iron Spikes, Small Hammer
  • 10′ Pole, Small Mirror
  • 50′ Silk Rope, Grappling Hook

Additional equipment may be purchased according to the White Box price list.


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