a new musical adventure

This afternoon I’ll be heading across town to audition for an interesting-sounding gig: accompanying a lap-steel player who makes music for yoga classes.  I won’t be bringing the modular or any electronics with me, just a couple hand drums and some “ambient” percussion – gongs, cup chimes, water bowl, etc.

Even if the gig doesn’t work out, today’s jam has already been motivational.  Since we moved into our current place last summer, my music-making has dropped off significantly, largely because of space issues and noise considerations.  It’s high time I devoted more disciplined effort to improvisation, experimentation, and practice in my daily routine.  I also need to post the “ensemble for imaginary exploration” Craigslist ad I’ve been refining.  More on this later…

UPDATE: The audition/jam has been pushed back to next week.  Bummer, but that’s how it goes!


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