library megadungeon: location scouting #1

Prior to my recent megadungeon epiphany (see below), I had thought about using the geography of San Francisco as the basis for my library campaign world.  Riffing off of that idea, I’ve begun scouting megadungeon locations based on area landmarks.  Behold the first potential location:

Here’s lovely Coit Tower, that scenic North Beach edifice where my wife and I got engaged a few years back.  Now envision, if you will, an alternate reality version in which the building which forms the tower’s base being larger and more sprawling.  There are several smaller outbuildings clustered around the tower atop this rocky hill.  The statue of Columbus in the foreground is actually that of the eccentric wizard I’toc, who built this tower (and the dungeon levels honeycombing the hill beneath it) hundreds of years ago.  The buildings are worn and pitted, crumbling in places, from centuries of enduring the stormy, gloomy coastal weather.  The vegetation is overgrown and unusually lush, as if some residual magic has affected the hilltop flora…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to head off and listen to Rainbow’s “Stargazer” at high volume as I ponder this further!


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