library megadungeon: location scouting #2

The second potential location in the Library Megadungeon search is Alcatraz Island:

When I first thought of Alcatraz, it seemed like it would be a great location for a megadungeon.  Heck, it is a great location, but there are two logistical sticking points that make Alcatraz less than optimal for my library-game megadungeon.

  • I’m concerned that there are too many possible points of entry, and too many outbuildings to sidetrack parties from the main dungeon exploration.  I’d rather have something relatively simple, with one main entrance and maybe 2-3 other well-hidden points of egress.  More than anything, I’d like to be able to start off each adventure with the party standing outside the entrance to the dungeon, and have said entrance be easy for them to find on return trips without asking each other, “now then… Which building had the dungeon entrance?”
  • PCs need to be able to get from the town to the dungeon and back fairly easily.  I’d just as soon not have to deal with water travel issues like negotiating passage, navigating through storms, or dealing with sea monsters and such.

Ok, Alcatraz is out as the principal adventuring location.  Of course, players may find some clue in the main dungeon that leads them out to this small fog-shrouded island, where new dungeon dangers certainly await…


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