library megadungeon?

A flash of inspiration just occurred to me as I sat thinking about Castle Greyhawk, megadungeons, and OD&D’s 1:20 referee-to-player ratio.  It was enough to make me track down yet-another insightful post from old-school sage James Maliszewski, in which he muses:

I suspect the idea is that a campaign, encompassing many sessions over many different days, might encompass that many players. The assumptions seems to have been that there’d be many different groups of players, all of whom shared a referee and whose adventures all took place within the same world. One of the reasons why the early megadungeons may have been so huge was to accommodate multiple groups of adventurers tramping through them on a regular basis. These places had to be big or else the referee would soon find himself without anything to occupy his many players.

Now I want to prepare a megadungeon (using the terrifically useful One Page Dungeon template) to be explored exclusively by my young library gamers, and keep notes on how the various adventures affect the dungeon environment for other parties.  This isn’t to say that my blog will become a vehicle for pimping my megadungeon level-by-level; there might be a bit of that way down the road and some campaign journaling, but for now you’ll just have to be content with all the high-caliber megadungeon action going on elsewhere.


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