spinning up the J-Drive?

It looks like the Wednesday game with Barrataria and some other Dragonsfooters is getting bumped around a bit, and that I may be running a Traveller game instead of OD&D or Gamma World. Fine, fine, no problem sez the freewheeling referee.  Even though I’ve never run a proper Traveller game, I’ve run enough impromptu games for friends using the basic 2d6 mechanic to feel pretty comfortable with the system.  I’m not a huge huge fan of the Official Traveller Universe, but I’ll reserve that topic for another post…

Once I’ve wrapped up my current projects this week (a humor submission for Fight On! #5, and an “Arnesonian” alchemy submission for Knockspell #2), there’s a good chance I’ll be shifting my my home-campaign blog focus somewhat from fantasy to science-fiction for a while, although my White Box library games (and related musings) will certainly continue.


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