Fight On! #4 print issue is now available!

Fight On! bills itself as “a fanzine of the old-school renaissance.”  The first three issues are crammed with all sorts of goodies — dungeon adventures, wilderness hex-crawls, short fiction, random generation tables for all sorts of stuff, and a rich mixture of homebrewed monsters, locales, personalities, and more.  Fight On! is one of several recent heartwarming illustrations of a niche-within-a-niche hobbyist community coming together to generate some high-quality content that hearkens back to the freewheeling,”make it your own” toolbox attitude that characterized the early years of RPG history.  Appropriately then, issue #4 is dedicated to David A. Hargrave, creator of the Arduin campaign (which spawned the infamous series of Arduin Grimoires and other supplements) and a prominent figure in the early history of fantasy role-playing games and third-party D&D publication.  Available now in print, and soon in PDF…

If that’s not reason enough for you to check this out, my “Dungeons & Librarians” article made the cut, so I get to share space with some of the heavy hitters of our little movement…  Pretty exciting for me, since this is my first “officially” published article of any sort.  Yay!


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