I love listening to drones.  The first drone I fell in love with was the wetly whirring humidifier; to this day, it's still my favorite sound– probably because I've built up so many associations to it in my mind of comfort, peace, security, relaxation, etc.  When the humidifier was set up in my room, I loved crawling out of my bed and hunkering down right in front of it.  I'd stick my face right up to the port, and the cool mist would bead on my face.  Every humidifier has its own sound, I've noticed; my present machine (bought from Walgreen's) is a little quieter and less pronounced in pitch…  White-noise with just the faintest intimations of a pitched drone.  Lovely.

I think the drone was what prompted my interest in North Indian music in college.  Sure, the Beatles & co. were doing all sorts of psychedelic stuff with the newfound Eastern timbres that was very exciting to my then-chemicalized mind,  but that underlying drone was what really did it.  (Imagine, then, my joy upon discovering La Monte Young's Tamburas of Pandit Pran Nath…)  My semi-conscious love for drones figured significantly into my later interest in synthesizers, minimalism, deep listening, and electronic music; so in large part, we can say that the drone has been a fundamental (ha ha) factor in my musical development…  More on this later, perhaps.


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